We provide fresh, delicious and varied meals. Our meals are all gluten and wheat free. Eating foods as nature intended, makes weight loss and weight management, almost effortless. Our range of meals is extensive and we change our menu every week.

At Body Project we don’t subscribe to the notion that healthy eating has to be boring. Nor do we believe in calorie counting or starving. When you’re on our meals programme you’ll be eating a delicious and filling variety of meals, packed full of the nutrients that our bodes need to thrive.

You can say goodbye to roller coasting energy levels, sugar cravings, weight gain and poor sleep and instead welcome consistently high energy levels, better sleep and a more regulated appetite. You’ll also drop body fat and inches to reach and maintain your ideal weight and shape.

We believe that getting the body you want should be enjoyable. No military-style workouts with angry drill sergeants. We make sure that our workouts are varied, challenging yet fun which maximises results and minimises boredom.

Our highly qualified trainers have many years of experience working with clients of all levels of ability from novices to, so you can be confident that you are in safe hands when you train at Body Project. We use a cross training method blending cardio,

resistance training, body weight training and pilates.This approach maximises fat loss, develops metabolically active lean tissue and builds core strength. Simply put you’ll lose body fat, gain muscle tone and develop a flatter tummy.

We are passionate about health, fitness and positive lifestyle change for our clients.

We empower you by giving you the tools and the knowledge to move away from bad habits - for good. We aim to support and encourage, not scold you. We see ourselves as a friend helping you to be the best that you can be. We provide you with support, even after your goals have been reached.

Body Project founder and head trainer Gillian Hynes has worked in the fitness industry for over ten years, and is widely regarded as an expert in weight loss and lifestyle transformation.

Through her many years of working with clients she recognised that when it came to weight loss, by far the biggest stumbling block for clients was eating healthily consistentlyand truly breaking free from poor eating habits. She realised that for most, more than just advice was needed.

Gillian created the Body Project meals and training programme to answer this problem. Gillian’s ambition is to help as many people as possible to make lasting and meaningful lifestyle change.